Soggy, Saturated, Soaked

My Generation

Fourteen inches of rain in April and early May, plus another six over the weekend equals too stinking much.

Published on: May 27, 2013

A disclaimer: I am not complaining. Really. These are just the facts.

Since Saturday, we've gotten 6 inches of rain at our house. The gauge at the farm three miles up the road records 8 inches. Since Saturday.

John planted 330 acres of beans on Friday. A personal best. But then it got pounded by 6-8 inches of rain. Not good.

The Spoon River is out. Again. This is maybe three times this spring? Four?

The National Weather Service reports the heaviest flooding this weekend occurred between the town to the south of us and the town to the north of us. We concur. The subsoil moisture problem is officially over.

In related news, best story of the weekend and Sign #798 that We Watch Too Much Duck Dynasty: John and the kids took the Ranger to check fences and flood gaps late on Memorial Day. They took off across a low spot and through some water and Jenna hollered, "Give 'er all she's got, Godwyn!"

Water, water, and no place to go.
Water, water, and no place to go.

We're not laughing at much else right now, but we're laughing at that one. I'll take it. And maybe a little less rain.