Snow, Slush and Discouragement Give Way to Blue Skies

Kansas Viewpoint

Farmers have another chance to get into fields this week

Published on: November 17, 2009
Well, the reprieve for getting crops harvested proved to be short-lived. We had a few days of nice weather, then a whale of a whammy this week.

The weird thing for south-central Kansas is that three days of rain, cloudy weather and downright dreary conditions STILL did not produce a freeze OR a killing frost. So those folks hoping for frozen ground to get into corn and milo fields are out of luck. And the green crops are still green, which just might be a blessing.

Producers fighting soybean shatter are in a world of hurt because this weather just makes their challenge even worse.

Now, the good news. Blue skies were visible to the west from my vantage point in Wichita tonight, and the forecast is for warmer weather with breezy conditions for several days. Maybe, just maybe that means harvest for at least some folks.