Signs That Prove It's Truly Spring

Hoosier Perspectives

The proof is in the pudding…and the details.

Published on: April 11, 2011

The weatherman says spring is here and we get snow showers. Southern Indiana got up to three inches of snow, so much that the folks at Melon Acres north of Vincennes had to scramble to get the snow off the High tunnels they had just erected for vegetable production. Snow isn't a sign of spring, not even in Indiana!

Don't give up, dear hearts. I've uncovered some true signs that it really is spring. It's not a mirage. Enjoy my true descriptions of how I know it's spring. Don't laugh unless you can honestly say these things never happened to you.

Sign #1- My lawnmower battery was dead. It happens every winter I forget to bring it into the garage for winter. It was so dead this year that my trusty charger with 50 amp start wouldn't touch it. My son was convinced it couldn't be the battery. But a new battery solved the problem.

Sign #2- It sprinkles when I go get feed in an open-bed pickup truck. It is kind of like the time I went to lunch with a weather man when they were saying no chance of rain on the radio. He took his umbrella. It rained on us on the way back. He smiles and said he didn't bother with the radio—he looked at the maps. Even if it doesn't look threatening, I can get a pop-up shower over my truck before I get home.

Sign #3- "Dad, where's the fly spray?" It's not even mid-April and my daughter spots flies on her dairy steers. It would be nice if certain things didn't survive winter- like flies.

Sign #4- The peony bushes are out, about 3 to 5 inches tall, beet red. Even the one we transplanted last summer with lots of water is poking through. My northern Indiana wife, Carle, says it's pee-ah-nee, but here in southern Indiana, we've always called them 'piny' bushes. Whichever way you say it, we'll have lots of blooms before Decoration Day.

Sign #5- Kayla is tired of school. Just one week after a spring break, and she's wishing the semester was over. A couple warm days will do that to you.

Sign #6- The dog doesn't come in at feeding time. She stays outside. I guess she has other things on her mind.

Sign #7- Like tearing up our screen door when she is in the garage! It was during a thunderstorm, a sure sign spring is here. Did you ever see a dog that liked storms?

Sign #8- Rumors are exploding that corn was planted here, and over there, and there—no one ever knows who's the first one to plant corn in Indiana, not even the person who really is, because so many rumors would just claim someone else had already planted.

Sign #9- Someone paid $5,000 for a barrow, or was it $6,000 for a gilt, and $20,000 for a steer, or was it $1,200 for a wether and $35,000 for a steer. 4-H is just getting underway and the 'who paid what' rumors are already flying. I love it when someone who raised their own or paid a minimal price wins!

Sign #10- Grandma insists on wearing her lightweight cotton shirts. Mind you grandma is 90 and never gets out of her room, where the temperature doesn't vary over 3 degrees F all year long, but it's spring, so by gosh it's warm and time to wear lightweight shirts. …And if I was 90, I would think and do what I darned well pleased too!

Oh yes, another sign of spring, my birthday was April 9th. Ninety seems more real every day. Have a good week, and enjoy spring!