September Nebraska Farmer Will Weigh Down Your Mailbox

Nebraska Notebook

Don't miss the more than 250 total pages in our biggest magazine of the year.

Published on: August 22, 2013

When this blog was written, we watched with relief as our September issue headed to the presses. It's our largest edition of the year in and of itself, but it also includes the 100-page-plus Husker Harvest Days show program.

When you receive your September issue in your mailbox, you'll notice it immediately. It's big, of course, but it's also perfect bound and not saddle-stitched.

Producing it takes a bite out of my summer in terms of travels to the country, and I'll have to make up for that staring in mid-August.

Make sure you take time to go through this September issue.

The show program explains everything that's happening at the 2013 HHD, the 36th annual show west of Grand Island. By the way, to further your preparation for attending the show, be sure to download the Husker Harvest Days app. It's a handy smartphone tool that provides great exhibitor location information, event schedules, editor tips and more. It's available for iPhones and Android smartphones. To download it, go to

Back to the September issue itself. The number of features covering crop and livestock production, water issues, markets, and many other farm and ranch subjects is more than you will find in any single issue of any farm magazine. Not counting the show program, there are more than 150 pages and more than 70% of them have informative articles on them.

Let's preview some of what you'll find.

Up front, Field Editor Curt Arens and I review the growing popularity and expansion of Nebraska's FFA and 4-H programs. Those programs give Nebraska youth the experiences and communication tools they need to take advantage of the expanding careers in agriculture, or any career for that manner.

Nebraska high school ag education/FFA programs are at an all-time high at 150. Nebraska has one of the highest enrollment rates in 4-H, as a percentage of our population, of any state in the country.