Second Thoughts - Day 2 - Husker Harvest Days

Husker Home Place

Day Two at Husker Harvest Days was filled with droves of youth, lots of excitement and tons of high tech.

Published on: September 14, 2011
Thoughts from Day Two at Husker Harvest Days.

Big crowds ignored early forecasts of rain and cold and turned out in huge numbers for Day Two at Husker Harvest Days. The grounds on Wednesday were filled with farmers from across the region, as well as large numbers of youth. It was a great atmosphere of farmers seeking out new technology, new machinery and new systems in their quest to raise food and fiber for our country and feed their own families at the same time.

In today's climate of higher input costs in raising livestock and grain, farmers are looking to continue to raise outstanding crops and high quality animals, but in ways that require less fuel, fertilizer, pesticides and other inputs and more efficient equipment and machinery. Variable rate technology is the name of the game in crops and that is highly visible at this year's show. Using GPS, guidance and variable rate tech helps farmers place inputs where they will produce the most in the field.

As the true, down to earth environmentalists, farmers understand that this technology is helping us produce more and use less of our natural resources. Variable rate tech in irrigation will surely help us produce higher yields and conserve one of our most valuable resources. With a growing world population, that trend will have to continue and farmers know it. That's where the youth come in. They are not frightened at all by the technology. In fact, they embrace it as one of the exciting parts of production ag.

So, it is an interesting and challenging time for agriculture and the youth who will be our ag leaders tomorrow. With high commodity prices fueling the enthusiasm, many believe that there is great opportunity in ag. This fall, the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture broke an enrollment record set back in the early 1980s. Youth are interested in agriculture and agribusiness again. And, judging by the numbers of youth attending the show on Day Two, we will be in good hands going down the road.