Sage Nutrition Advice From Dr. Oz

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I'm not a doctor, but this doesn't sound right.

Published on: December 14, 2009

I think I've mentioned before that my wife is going back to school to obtain her masters in teaching. She starts classes in January, but has taken most of December to prep for a couple entrance exams. This means she's home during the day.


Last week I left my basement office to venture upstairs for a glass of water. Along the way, I noticed she was watching Dr. Oz. He was discussing a healthy, wholesome diet. Looking for a reason to get angry, I decided to watch as he dispensed his sage advice.


I was not disappointed. Within the first few minutes, his expert nutritionist starts spouting off how yogurt from free range, "natural" cattle is so much better for you than conventional sources, because "the cow is happier."


Let's start with the obvious. This lady is a nutritionist, not a bovine mind reader. Thus, how she knows when a cow is happiest is beyond me.

Next, I've visited a few of Northern Illinois' dairies. With old man winter upon us, I'd be much happier in a heated shelter rather than roaming the range.

Last, I'd like to point out that she didn't back up her claim with a shred of scientific evidence. There was no nutrient analysis or taste test. Therefore, I still don't understand why it's better, save for the fact she says it is.


Dr. Oz continued his segment on healthy eating, in the process naming exotic fruits and nuts that most of us would never purchase, let alone see in the local grocery store. Sandwiched between Dr. Oz and the nutritionist was a middle-class mom from the audience. As she ate all his advice up with a silver spoon, one question kept eating away at me. "How much does this crazy diet actually cost?"

But hey, this is T.V. It just has to be entertaining, right?

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