A Return To Civility - For Adults And Youth

Northstar Notes

Proposed legislation to curtail bullying is needed. So is instruction in manners.

Published on: March 14, 2013

Clearly, the policies Minnesota schools have implemented to address bullying are not working. It's way past time to do more.

And while lawmakers are discussing what to do, school administrators and school boards should seriously be considering some sort of manners class for children.

Yes, a class to learn manners and civility.

With our mash of cultures, the passivity of social interaction via electronics, and a whole generation now raising their own kids after they learned sassiness and rudeness from the likes of TV sitcoms such as "Roseanne," we need someone like Judith Martin or Emily Post to share their knowledge with our young people.

They would benefit from knowing how to write thank-yous, why they should respond to RSVPs, the importance of offering a seat to the elderly. Society would benefit, too.

They would learn the good old-fashioned Golden Rule: Treat others as I want to be treated.

Having better manners would not resolve bullying all together. I do not want to minimize the seriousness associated with this issue. However, if all our children collectively learned basic social and civility values, it just might help a little.