A Refreshing View of Ag Appreciation

Husker Home Place

Although farms and farmers seem under attack these days, there are good folks out there who appreciate what we do.

Published on: July 23, 2013

Not long ago, I happened to meet a hard working fellow from a major urban center. During our conversation, he said something that really surprised me. It seems that farmers and farms are under attack these days everywhere we look. Major media outlets, activist groups and federal regulatory agencies all seem to be suspicious about what we do to raise food for the world and how we do it.

But this guy didn’t see it that way. He told me that he appreciates everything farmers do. He said that he watches the weather, and worries when a drought like last summer hits farm country. “We know where our food comes from,” he told me. “We think about farmers all of the time. You guys feed us, and we appreciate that, so we care about how you are doing.”


This little comment was something quite different than we might read or hear on the news. It was a complete opposite view from many activist groups that typically target farmers. His understanding of the challenges of farming and ranching was refreshing. He understood something that many do not.

To feed the world in the next 50 years, it will take all hands on deck. We will need farmers to be more productive than ever before. So, it was nice to hear some appreciation from someone who wasn’t a farmer, but had a deepened acknowledgement of the important job farmers have in this world.

So, here is this week’s discussion question. Do you feel that most urban consumers know where their food comes from, and care about what happens in farm country? You can share your thoughts and comments here.

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