Really, Is There Anything Cuter Than Little Kids on the First Day of School?

Kansas Viewpoint

Just the sight of grandkids with backpacks and brand new lunch boxes seems to turn back the clock to their parents' first day of school.

Published on: August 23, 2010
Today, we finally got rolling on the REAL first week of school; the one where all the kids go every day of the week.

Last week was one day after another of disappointment for one kid or another as the school staggered Pre-K and Kindergarten to get all the kids adjusted for everybody being there.

My grandkid numbers in school now include a 4th grader, a 2nd grader, a kindergartner and a Pre-K. Plus two little boys, one three and one almost 3 who see no reasonable answer to why their sisters get to go to school and they don't.

As they donned new backpacks and filled new lunch bags, I could see their moms in their sweet little faces, all filled with the excitement of what a new year would bring. And I think once more how very lucky I am that all my babies live right here in town where I get to see them every day and share the big and the little moments.

Because looking back 25 years, I can promise you that the time slips away so fast that you look up one day and that little kindergarten beginner is wearing a college cap and gown. This time around, I am trying to remember to treasure even the frustrating moments.