Real Farm Girl

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Laura Nielson is a hit on YouTube. She's "The Real Farm Girl."

Published on: May 13, 2010

Check out Laura Nielson’s “The Real Farm Girl” videos on YouTube.


She got a great smile and an infectious laugh – perfect for the video camera. Plus she’s passionate about farming. Her videos are about her life on her family’s dairy and grain farm. She’s a partner in the operation and pretty much runs the dairy.


Best of all she’s from South Dakota – Crooks, S.D.


Nielson, 23, started posting videos about a year ago after seeing a girl doing a Hee-Haw type parody of a farm girl on YouTube. “It just made me mad,” Nielson says.


So off she went with video camera to show what it’s really like to be a farm girl, and along the way, promote agriculture.


Check out one of her videos below.  And you can search for her on YouTube by typing in “therealfarmgirl” – no spaces.


And guys, she’s not married. I asked.