Ready to Roll

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Harvest rolls along, amid sun and rain and more. Despite the craziness, my favorite season of the year.

Published on: September 26, 2011

Crazy-busy though it is, fall is, bar none, my favorite season. Love the weather, love the colors, love the harvest, love it all. Love, love, love.

This past Saturday morning, I looked out the window and saw this.

 Harvest 2011 Illinois

I went out in my pajamas and commenced to taking pictures. My husband didn't even question this. I don't know what that means. Maybe he's used to it. Maybe after 13 years, nothing surprises him. Maybe he would've been more surprised if, after seeing such a picturesque sight taking shape, I didn't go out and shoot pictures. It's hard to say.

 Harvest 2011 Better than Expected

Corn harvest is moving along across Illinois. As of today, the Illinois Department of Agriculture reports 22% of the state's corn crop has been harvested. That compares to the five-year average of 25% on this date, but of course, that includes 2010 when 54% was harvested and 2009 when just 2% had been harvested. You know, in Illinois, if you don't include the extremes you won't have much left.

Harvest 2011 Illinois corn harvest corn head

So far on the Spangler farm, yields have been slightly better than expected. It should be noted, however, expectations were quite low. It is fun to check the farm email and see all the plot data rolling in from various seed representatives. They seem to be pleasantly surprised as well.

It appears most of the crop progress has occurred across the middle of the state. Some combines were rolling in southern Illinois when I was there a week ago, but rain has shut a lot of them down. My parents farm in the south end of Edwards County, close to Indiana, and Dad's rain gauge measured 7 inches in the past week. Suffice to say, it's soggy and he doesn't want to talk about it. For perspective, consider that Benton farmer Kelly Robertson says he's gotten more rain in the past 10 days than he got from July 4 to September 20.

Harvest 2011 equipment at work

But they'll get there. We all will, eventually. It's cold and rainy and dreary here today, but warmer temperatures are promised by mid-week. We'll be ready.