Raising the Green Flag

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Cheer for No. 33 in the NASCAR race in Kansas City Sunday. It’s running for everybody who produces ethanol and grows corn.

Published on: June 3, 2011

I’m headed to the Kansas City, Kan., this weekend to help corn growers “raise the green flag.” I’ll be attending the NASCAR race at the Kansas City Speedway, courtesy of the South Dakota Corn Growers Association and American Ethanol.

It’s work – really!

About 1,000 farmers and ethanol industry folks will be at race promoting ethanol.

“We know ethanol is in the hot seat,” Teddi Mueller, of the SD Corn Growers Association.” “But we are going to fight for it. NASCAR is burning E15 and it’s working great.”

Earlier this year American Ethanol – a industry coalition reprenesting all segments ethanol, from farmers to biofiners to plant suppliers – struck a deal with NASCAR.

“We knew the introduction of Sunoco Green E15 to NASCAR racing vehicles would get a lot of attention because it’s a good fit for NASCAR’s green initiative, and because of the increased horsepower on the track,” says Darrin Ihnen, National Corn Growers Association chairman and Hurley, S.D., farmer, “Drivers have been impressed with the power the fuel provides them under race conditions. Through our partnership with NASCAR, we are able to show the American public that if E-15 can stand the stress these drivers put it through, it’s good for the family car, too.”

“There’s no sport more American than NASCAR, and no fuel more American than domestic ethanol,” says Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, the leading organization behind American Ethanol. “People in Kansas know the benefits of using ethanol as a fuel – from cleaning the air to creating jobs to fostering national energy independence. We’re pleased to raise the green American Ethanol flag in the heartland of America

On Sunday, look for Richard Childress Racing’s No. 33 Chevrolet on the track. Clint Bowyer will be the driver. Like a lot of other cars, No. 33 will be running on E15 race fuel, but it alone will be decked out in American Ethanol’s paint scheme. Look for American Ethanol’s logo on the backstretch wall, too. You can even look for me, too. ’ll be in Section 161 Row 28 Seat 12 – unless I’m using my media pass and am in the pits.

This is a really tough job isn't it?!