Rain, Cooler Weather Ushers In What Feels Like Fall Mornings

Kansas Viewpoint

As the feel of the change of season grows stronger, so does realization of time slipping away

Published on: September 8, 2010
A message hit me in the face as I stepped off my front porch this morning: Fall is coming.

It's been so hot for so long that I'd almost forgotten what that first cool, breezy indication of the change of seasons feels like.

I love autumn and I look forward to its cool mornings and warm afternoons. But I am also reminded that another year is slipping rapidly away.

It always makes me want to take a little more time in the garden among the flowers, let the grandkids make another batch of cookies and ignore the vacuuming or the laundry and tell them another story.

And I thought I'd pass a few ideas along.

Today is a really good day to:

-- Make someone smile

-- Offer a helping hand

-- Tell your family you love them

-- Tell your friends they matter to you

-- Do something that makes you happy

-- Think about the good things in your world

-- Make a list of the things you love about your job

Why today?

Because time runs out. And tomorrow may be too late.