Put cash on the table, then we'll talk

Nor' east Thinkin'

Published on: August 27, 2008

“Put $80,000 on the table. Then we’ll talk delivery.” I though my friendly equipment dealer was kidding – but he wasn’t!


Other farm machinery dealers lipped the same message this month when I asked how soon I could get a new no-till planter. Much of the cutting-edge equipment that dealers wheeled into farm shows and field days this summer was already sold.


Want a min-till or no-till corn planter? Plunk that $80,000 down to get in line and on the list. You may get it delivered by April 2009 – if you’re high on the list.


Want a combine with new paint? It’s the same game, with a mid-2009 delivery date – maybe.


How about a new no-till drill or a good used 12-row planter? A mere $40,000 plunked down will get you on the list. And you might get it by next March.


What about the bottom-line price? Sticker shock is going to make your heart skip a beat – or two!


With manufacturer transport costs jumping close to 10% and steel for machinery components up 15% by this July, any brand of new paint on big ticket machines will be a shocker.


What’s the word in your neighborhood on machinery availability and delivery terms? Just click on “Comment” below, and have your say.