Precision Planting Shows Off the Future of Planting

Prairie Gleanings

Planting at speeds up to 10 miles per hour could be a reality soon.

Published on: January 24, 2014

If Precision Planting is a different company since being purchased by Monsanto, I sure can’t tell. They’re just as innovative as ever.

Whenever founder Gregg Sauder speaks, he stresses perfect seed placement, every time. Numerous times I’ve heard him tell the audience that speed isn’t everything.

Turns out, Sauder’s engineering team was working behind the scenes to achieve a different goal – planting at 10 miles per hour!

The last piece of the puzzle to achieve such a goal was a better seed tube. Driving that fast, a seed falling from a traditional seed tube will skip along the ground as it struggles to slow from 10 mph to 0.

Enter Precision Planting’s all new Speed Tube. Looking at the tube, you’ll see something that looks kind of like a mini-bucket elevator inside the tube. And, you’d pretty much be right.

Precision Plantings new Speed Tube ensure proper seed placement, even at speeds up to 10 mph.
Precision Planting's new Speed Tube ensure proper seed placement, even at speeds up to 10 mph.

These little “buckets” are actually slots for an individual seed. As the tractor drives across the field, this bucket elevator spins in the opposite direction. The counteracting speed means seed drops straight down, without skipping along the ground.

Of course, making use of high-speed planting technology will require proper seed bed preparation. For more on the future of speed planting, check out the March Prairie Farmer.