Power Show Must Go On

Buckeye Farm Beat

Cold and snow doesn't deter Power Show Ohio crowd.

Published on: February 3, 2009

Temperatures below frigid and a week of snow followed by ice followed by more snow did not slow down folks attending the Power Show at the Ohio Fairgrounds the first weekend of February.


Dennis Alford, show manager, describes attendance as "good, not record breaking but good."


Friday started slowly with very thin numbers, but the crowd increased as the sunshine came out on the weekend. Some of the exhibitors had trouble getting in to set up and did not start putting together their booths until Thursday evening. A handful did not make it to the show. "More from Ohio than Michigan,' Alford said. Guess the northerners are used to handling the wintry mix.


"What can you say, weather conditions are terrible but the show must go on," says

George Fackler, the new president of the Ohio Michigan Equipment Dealers Association, which sponsors the show. The best news as far as Fackler is concerned is those who came to the show were not just looking. They wanted to buy.


"I think there is some pent up demand both in the farm community and the landscape and nursery side," said Fackler, president of Fackler Equipment, a Kubota dealership in Grandview. Farmers had pretty decent commodity prices to work with and the landscape guys have made some money pushing around all this snow. I look for a good spring. People are ready for it to come soon and they are ready to spend."

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