Planting Corn in June Is a Real Possibility

Prairie Gleanings

It seems the folks in northern Illinois caught a break this past week. Same can't be said for the rest of the state.

Published on: May 9, 2013

With more rain on the way and not a planter to be seen in my neck of the woods, yesterday, I thought “Geez, is anyone planting?” 

I took to Twitter and posed that question to Illinois farmers. Judging from the response, it appears I wasn’t the only one wondering.

In short, they’re going like gangbusters north of I-80. A lot of them will have logged nearly an entire week of corn planting depending on whether they stayed dry with this latest line of rain.

Just south of I-80, things get a little iffy. Some were out, others were waiting.

One thing is for sure, Central Illinois is not planting anytime soon. A Christian County farmer responded, “Ha, ha, ha…No.” to the question. Another in the area said they weren’t just a little too wet, they’re downright muddy.

Will it be June before this corn crop is in the ground?
Will it be June before this corn crop is in the ground?

One farmer from southern Illinois chimed in. They’re not planting either.

Another southern Illinoisan said in a fit of optimism he got everything ready, and then decided to mow the lawn. When the lawn tractor sunk in the mud, he realized planting is much further off than he thought.

Depending on your willingness to “mud it in”, this last rain event probably has most folks eyeing the end of May at this point. Yikes!

If you’re sick of discussing this misery at the local coffee shop, sign up for a Twitter account. It’s just like the coffee shop, just bigger and more eclectic (though you can decide how eclectic).

Once you’ve logged on, don’t forget to use hashtags when discussing hot topics. FYI: the hashtag for this planting season is #plant13. Also, look me up, @Josh_Flint. I’ll give you a follow and help you get started.

After all, the only other thing you could be doing is waiting for the grass to dry, so you can cut it … again.