Phew, The National Election Is Almost Over! Then What?

Nor' east Thinkin'

The soothsayers were right on: No money or mud-throwing was spared in the race for U.S. president. Our next-generation is America’s greatest hope.

Published on: November 2, 2012

I haven’t talked with a single soul who won’t be more than glad when this presidential election is over – no matter who wins or loses. Those running the campaigns have taken political integrity to a new low. And in some cases, the words "politics" and "integrity" shouldn’t be used in the same sentence.

I’ve heard from many of you about the November magazine’s editorial, “Why the president must go.” It was a slightly longer version of what I posted here in early October. Nearly 99% of those responding with letters, emails and phone calls were supportive. Several were trying to get it re-published in their local papers.

I offered to run one vehement emailed complaint in “Readers Say” column. But as I suspected, I never heard back from that person who wouldn’t say where he was from.

Another person was saddened by the editorial, not because he disagreed with it, but because “there’s something wrong” with our political system. He was so right! It’s now dominated by greed, self-centeredness, doublespeak, untruths and money-fed polarization.

So now what?

After all that, how can we expect America’s governmental system to settle down, heal and resume work in the best interest of our nation? Knowing human nature, it would take divine intervention.

Personally, I believe that’s what will have to happen to put our country back on a positive course to return it to the greatness still possible. And I see that potential in so many young people – particularly young rural people – who want to return to what their parents may have walked away from.

Tough times bring many to the understanding that they cannot succeed by their own efforts. They realize they need spiritual strength that transcends our human nature.

The hope for America is in the hands and hearts of such people. More power to them!

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  1. Joan Brayton says:

    I totally agree that saving this country will require divine intervention. God loves this United States of America, He purposely raised up men who would be inspired to write the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence but those papers, as inspired as they are, are only pieces of paper with great, inspiring ideas on them. It takes people to carry through with those ideas. I think Americans have begun to wake up. I hope the trend continues! Too bad it didn't happen in time for the recent election!