Oregon's Transgenic Wheat Finds Just A Fluke

Western Ag Vignettes

Critics jump in where angels fear to tread.

Published on: June 4, 2013

Here we go again. The transgen thrashers have leaped on the incidental find of some escaped experimental seeds of Roundup resistant wheat in Oregon with a frenzy press feeding. That is to be expected in this unfortunate event, and our guards should be up already to such attacks.

We need to continue to respond to these charges with the facts on the importance and safety of trans genetics, and let the critics rant and rave until the day when world population grows to such proportions that the number of hungry people who clamor for bread will drown out their voices.

We are somewhat prepared for the coming global population explosion with the transgenics we already have, but we need far more technology to help ag meet the expanded demand. In my travels and talking with those who are running our variety and farming efficiencies, I am convinced substantial help is in the wings of the lab.

Let's hope, enough.

What I have trouble imagining is these hard-working scientists edging through wonder-science breakthroughs like herbicide resistance, only to know they are the villains in the eyes of many people.  What the researchers are doing is probably some of the most pivotal science of our generation, and we should remember to tip our hat when we meet them.

These are difficult times indeed. It seems we are at historic junctures in society, its government and the economy. It appears that there are some earthshaking new world paradigms afoot that the next generation must face. It is nice to know that the matter of feeding people appears to be in hand, unless foolish regulations tie the hands of our lab technicians. That threat is real when you look at the impressive money behind environmentalists who oppose transgenics.