Olympic Games Bring Cheers, Tears

Western Ag Vignettes

Following the completion in Russia a family unifier.

Published on: February 20, 2014

Forget about the latest episode of “Hawaii 50,” I am no longer in control of my clicker! The family only wants to watch the Olympics.

Sure, I love the games as much as anyone, but the commercials usually dull my brain and quell the excitement about 9:30 each night, and I am ready to go to bed. All those new Super Bowl ads are repeated with incessant punishment, and they take the fun out of watching the Olympic sports.

We're cheering with each gold, silver and bronze, and even if the U.S. isn't the winner, we all seem to be unified by the joy of the top contenders with those grand smiles and victory gestures. Snowboarding has become a particular favorite here, but those downhill ski events at 80 miles an hour are breathtaking. No less is the figure skating, with some magnificent Russians on the ice.

I like the way it brings the family together. We talk about the stars and the contests and watch glued to the screen as our favorites perform. There's a lot of unity that comes from the Olympics, doubling our pleasure from the Super Bowl win (we're “Hawks” fans, but Denver is high on my list of favorites, too).

Sports have the quality of making folks gather as one to enjoy, and that's the real spirit of such events. If something can help merge us to focus on a special game or venue, it is playing an important social role.

At the same time we lament the loss of Shirley Temple, we find uplifting in the U.S. women snowboarders winning gold medals. Such extreme emotions are the stuff of daily living.

There's something to be said that no matter how messed up the week may have been, I can always enjoy a basketball or football game on TV and find real relaxation in doing so.

Sport events are a welcome elixir when we get down.

The fun is even greater with the internet, since I can send messages to friends who may like or dislike the contestants in any particular game, and we exchange little notes as the event unfolds. Little bets are won and lost electronically, and victory or defeat shared beyond the household.

Now that I have been given an I-Pad for Christmas, I am into the e-world more than ever, even though my wife constantly sighs when I have to ask her yet again how to use the thing. She gave it to me and advised me not to get frustrated when learning, but I have found that I am only frustrating Sally!

As the games in Sochi wind down, it become a quest to find out what next great event to share, now that Christmas, the Super Bowl and winter games will be behind us. How can we live without another exciting round of curling!