An Old Man Ponders the New Year

Prairie Gleanings

New Year's Eve is upon us. Or, as many older folks view it, don't forget to date things 2013 starting Tuesday.

Published on: December 26, 2012
In six short days, 2012 will turn into 2013. It should be a seamless transition. The toughest thing will be remembering to date documents with 2013, rather than 2012.

Apparently, once you’ve reached 30 and had a couple kids, you start to think of time in a different manner. At 18, I was concerned only with what was happening on the coming weekend.

As a family man, planning begins to extend well past the weekend. Car and home loans take years to pay off. I’ve always admired at how patient my father is. As I age, I’m beginning to feel the calming effects of patience as it infiltrates my psyche. I’d wager I now have maybe 10% the patience of my father.

This Christmas, I witnessed the clear delineation between a young man and mature man. My brother in law asked his cousin what year he was in college now. A sophomore? He guessed. “No man, I’m a junior,” his cousin confidently replied. Closer to my brother in law in age, I would wager we both were thinking, “So, not graduated?”

I remember being that young man. In your mind, there’s not much difference between “almost there” and “there.” As you age, there’s a massive difference. And, sometimes a young man’s “there” is vastly different from a mature man’s “there.”

Enjoy the coming New Year’s Eve. If you’re young (still in school), rejoice! Another year means big changes. This could be the year you begin college. Or, maybe you’ll be tossed into the workforce in 2013. Either way, you’ve got big changes on the way. Enjoy your ability to adapt to life.

If you’re old, enjoy next Tuesday. Don’t forget to date your documents 2013. And, who knows, maybe the farm you bought years ago will finally be paid off this year. Then, you can hop into another chunk of debt with the glee of an 18-year-old.