Nothing Says 'I Love You' More Than A Farm Machinery Show Trip

Two Hearts, One Harvest

A Valentine's Day trip to the National Farm Machinery Show was next best thing to a honeymoon.

Published on: February 24, 2014

Nothing says “I love you” like a trip to the National Farm Machinery Show. But piles of work had to be moved first. So about 11 p.m. on February 13, we (being Sheilah’s sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew) piled into a big old Toyota Sequoia and headed out for Louisville, Ky.

Mike: As if I don’t have enough to do, I started to plow snow for the township on an “as needed basis".

Sheilah: As needed, my big left toe! More like every day this winter!

Mike:  I started out at 4 a.m. I thought I'd be home by lunch time so I could catch a nap before the trip. I should have known that wouldn’t be the case.

Things never go like you want them to when you have plans. I got stuck in a ditch, broke my plow and made it home in time for supper at 5:30.

Sheilah: Mike caught a quick 20-minute power nap. Then my sister showed up, and our trip was started. We made it to Louisville by 6 a.m. and headed straight to the Cracker Barrel – except it wasn’t straight. We had to drive past it three times before we figured out where the entrance was.

Mike: We hit the Farm Machinery Show floor running as soon as the doors opened. The kids’ eyes were as big as the pancakes they ate for breakfast – the big kids’ eyes too! That be us.

Sheilah: Out of all of us, Mike was the only one who had been to the machnery show before. The rest of us suddenly understood why he insisted we go for two days.

Mike started to talk to dealers. I told my sister it was a bad idea to come here: “He’s going to want to buy that, and that, and that.”

Mike: I surprised her though. I only bought a couple small (less than $100) gadgets. And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I got her a farm painting.

Everyone had a great time at the show and we ended both days with a trip to Hometown Buffet. Now how can you get any more romantic than that?

Sheilah: February's the month of love – and the month of meetings. We got home early Sunday morning, and Mike left Monday morning for the Professional Crop Producers Conference in Lancaster. 

Mike: Sometimes, going to meetings can be a pain in the butt. But if you can come home with one good idea, it's well worth the time. For me, it was learning that sometimes it’s best to get back to the basics, and not trying every new “magic potion” that comes along.

Sheilah: The last couple of weeks have flown by, and February is almost gone. The weather is starting to tease us with spring like days. But I’m sure next week will be back to winter -- not that I’m complaining. With everything else going on, we haven’t hit the slopes enough this year! And when's the next farm machinery show?

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