Northern N.D. -- The New Cornbelt?

Inside Dakota Ag

Northern North Dakota could be in the heart of the "new" Cornbelt by 2015 with 70- to 75-day corn that averages 200 bushels per acre.

Published on: September 29, 2010

Look for 70- to 75-day corn that could average 200 bushels per acre in northern North Dakota by 2015.

He’s says a Syngenta plant breeder predicted at recent industry meeting that genetic improvements will move the Cornbelt into northern North Dakota and southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan within 10 years.

“We’ll have some 200-bushel averages across whole farms in the southern Valley this year,” says Oberlander, who is one of the principals behind a new seed company marketing Dyna-Gro, Channel, Garst and Syngenta genetics in Red River Valley.