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Agriculture is in the spotlight in Edwards County this month. Check out these fun videos and share your favorite!

Published on: December 5, 2013

There's a fun contest going on right now, thanks to some folks in southern Illinois.

The Edwards County Farm Bureau Women's Committee (that's my home county!) put together a "Braggin' on Ag" video contest in the fall. People around the county put together videos and submitted them, and as it turns out…they're really good. Good enough that the Farm Bureau decided to take the contest to the social media world. And they added a cash prize.

This is where you come in: click here and give the videos a watch. Then, share your favorite via your Facebook page or Twitter account. The contest ends December 31, and the video with the most views wins.

The title of this video: "Said a Farmer NEVER!" This line might be my favorite.
The title of this video: "Said a Farmer NEVER!" This line might be my favorite.

Of course, the greater mission here is to spread the good word about agriculture. But a little contest is always fun, too.

Bonus: my dad's farm sign makes an appearance in one of the videos. 500 points if you can spot it. Also, points mean nothing. See? Contests are fun!

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  1. Shelby Lynch says:

    Can't wait to show this in about 10 years!!Will be interesting to see what they will be saying about farming then. It was so much fun. Truly shows all aspects that a Farmer has to deal with. Looking forward to the next contest,

  2. Patricia Matthes says:

    This video is my favorite....and that is a completely unbiased opinion...ha! I get tickled seeing all the kiddos running around. You know that had to be a zoo even getting them in the shot. Kuddos to Whitney for putting it all together in the video.