Never Enough Hugs

Northstar Notes

Never take for granted those simple gestures of affection because they can be gone in a heartbeat.

Published on: January 7, 2014

It was bedtime for the little boy. As he lay in bed, his mom followed their usual routine of saying prayers, reading a book and singing a song.

Then it was time for "Twenty Questions." The little boy asked more "how" and "why" questions than a seasoned journalist. Q&A usually took a few minutes.

That night, he asked: "Momma, where's Jesus?"

"Well," said his mom, "Jesus is everywhere."

The little boy looked at his mom with an inquisitive look so she continued: "Jesus is with each one of us. He's in our hearts."

The little boy tucked his chin and looked at his chest.

"I want to see him," he said.

His startled mom felt her heart skip a beat. What prompted this question? A recent Bible story or song about Jesus that made him so real to this child?

Then an unspeakable dark thought entered the mom's mind. No, she told herself, my son will not see Jesus for some time yet.

So she said to her little boy, "Someday, you will see Jesus, honey. Someday, we all will see him."

And with that the little boy settled back to bed and went to sleep.