Missourians Make the Wrong Choice on Prop B

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Despite what HSUS tells you, you cannot legislate sound business principles.

Published on: November 3, 2010


Remember that song by Paul McCartney? It goes “someone’s knocking at the door, somebody’s ringing the bell.” Well, Missouri, that someone was the Humane Society of the United States. And you just “Let Em In.”

When I turned in for the night, Proposition B was losing by about 4%. I said hallelujah when one of the news commentators said Missourians are seeing Prop B for what it is, just another layer of government intervention. At that moment, I was extraordinarily proud of my home state.

You can imagine my feelings this morning when I saw that Prop B passed with 52% of the vote. That means HSUS just realized they found a sympathetic animal rights audience in Missouri. They will be back. Except next time, they may be out to legislate how your farmers raise hogs or cattle.

For the voters who checked yes on Prop B, you’re probably wondering what was wrong with your decision. I believe a vet said it best when he noted that you can neglect 50 dogs just as easily as you can 100. Point is, you’ve just allowed the government to tell a legitimate business enterprise how they can do business.

What if the spirit of the law was unchanged, but rather than dogs, we were discussing the daycare businesses in Missouri? Thus, a group sweeps in from out of state and says, “You know, I think 50 children is enough for any daycare. Once they get past that number, they start to neglect the kids.”

But wait, that would be ludicrous. Daycare owners have the right to expand and hire additional staff. If they have sound principles and provide a safe environment, why does it matter how many children they watch each day?

Still not catching my drift? I’ll lay it out really simple for you. The best daycare my son ever went to had about 15 children. It was a home daycare, staffed by two adults. The worst daycare he went to had about 4 children, and was staffed by one adult.

Hmmmm….you mean the number of children had nothing to do with the quality of care? Wait, if that’s the case with kids, then what about dogs? Exactly.

I don’t care what HSUS tells you, you cannot legislate good business principles. Just remember folks, they will be back. I just hope you make the right choice next time around.

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