Melons On The Moon

Inside Dakota Ag

I used to tell my kids I wanted to grow melons on the moon. They thought I was nuts. Now I can just tell them I was just ahead of the times.

Published on: December 29, 2010

I used to tease my kids that I wanted to grow muskmelons on the moon.

I usually brought this up on a hot, humid day when we were weeding the melons.

My kids thought the heat – or old age -- was getting to me.

But now I can tell them I was just ahead of my time.

Popular Mechanics
reports this month that the University of Arizona and NASA are investigating growing fruits and vegetables in inflatable greenhouses buried under the moon surface.

The space stations farms would produce food and clean the air for astronaunts.

Gene Giacomilli, a University of Arizona researcher, envisions piping sunlight to the buried greenhouses through fiber optic cables and staffing the greenhouses with robotic farmers.

Geez, would the same equipment work on a North Dakota farm in winter?

Melons in March….yum.