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Crunch time has hit some farms, and the rest of you will join in soon.

Published on: April 30, 2013

Not sure what to say this time of year with a much-delayed planting season and every single Midwest corn farmer standing by his shop door waiting for ground temps to top 50 degrees F for planting.

You've probably gone over that planter twice and checked it once again. You've gone over your field plan with your crew - family or hired labor - to make sure when you can deploy you're covering a lot of ground fast, and furious.

There's probably one more thing to do, check your prescription data. Is your planter really connected to the tractor? Is that prescription map for your "row control" ready to rumble? Heard a story from a colleague this week about a planter that sat idle through perfect weekend weather because of add-ons that wouldn't allow the controller and planter to "talk" to each other.

Those are stories you don't want to hear in a season where we may have just a few days to get this corn crop in at the most optimum time. So take an extra moment - if you're not rolling - to make sure the maps are in there. Make sure the controller and the planter will communicate and you can maximize your planting time.

You want your operation to run like a well-oiled machine, covering fields with the right hybrids at the right time to get maximum returns. Rain every three days doesn't help, and more wet weather is coming.

If you've got a time-saving, labor-saving idea to share, you can make a comment below, we'd love to hear from you. And frankly, I know some of you have the time.

Be safe out there this spring, and let's have a 2013 that'll be a year to remember with top-producing crops.

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