Man, I Sure Love This Cold Weather!

Hoosier Perspectives

Don't you wish we could save some of it to help cool off next summer?

Published on: February 3, 2014

I'm known far and wide for hating hot weather. The summer of 2012 was like being in purgatory for me. If the thermometer is above 90 degrees, I find air conditioning or shade. In 2012 when it was 106 degrees at 5 o'clock in the afternoon on my trusty John Deere thermometer in the shade, even the shade didn't help.

So I usually say I'll take cold weather anytime over the heat of the dead of the summer. I can put clothes on but I can only take so many clothes off in the summer. When you look like me, that means pants and shirt still on is about as far as I can go.

I'll admit this winter has tested my theory. Fortunately, my son was home from college to feed during the Polar Vortex blast in early January. Unfortunately, he wasn't home during the last week or so when it blasted us again. On those sub-zero days, I pull a stocking hat tight over the top of my head, but yes, my face gets cold like anybody else's does.

Dont you wish we could save some of this cold to help cool off next summer?
Don't you wish we could save some of this cold to help cool off next summer?

The worst part is trying to keep young lambs warm at the barn. Naturally the first three ewes had lambs when wind chills were hitting 10 to 20 below. They were in an unheated but well-insulated small lambing barn. There was a skim of ice on their water, so I would say it was about 30 degrees to 35 degrees in there. So far so good as far as lambs surviving it. I've helped Johns-Manville out by buying several rolls of insulation. I've stuck insulation everywhere – I even tack insulation over the outside door, and then pull the staples loose to get in the barn to feed.

Heat lamps help, although they're nothing to mess with. A neighbor lost some ewes in a heat lamp fire. Fortunately they caught it before it burnt the barn.

Now you could still lose a barn to fire in the summer, but not from heat lamps. Lightning or wet hay can still take barns out.

Have I complained that it was cold? Probably, a time or two, but only when it dipped below zero. Will I still complain about hot weather next summer, if it comes? Absolutely! The only time I've ever been to Las Vegas was for a company meeting 20 years ago in June. It was 105 degrees when the plane shuddered across the runway. My former boss, God rest his soul, took us there because he could get cheap rooms. Who wants to be in the desert in June?

Here's hoping you survive the rest of the winter OK. Warmer weather is ahead. Spring will eventually get here. Summer will get here too, and I reserve the right to complain about going to the county fair because it's sweltering hot! Maybe I should put some of this snow in the freezer and get it out on those county fair days so I "think cool." It's just a thought.