Light Up the Season

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Nebraska Farmer invites farm and ranch families to share their Christmas spirit in farmstead photos with all of our readers.

Published on: December 6, 2011

As Nebraska Farmer editor, Don McCabe, and I travel the state going to farm meetings and interviewing farm and ranch families, we are always amazed by the beautiful and scenic farmsteads and ranches in every sector of our land. But over the holidays, farm and ranch families put on the Christmas glow and decorate their homesteads in such a way that everyone who visits or drives near is pulled into their festive creativity.

That’s why, this year we’re inviting our readers to email their best photos of their Christmas displays, Nativity scenes, lighting exhibits and holiday decorations on their farms and ranches to us to share.

As a kid, decorating the farmstead was an annual ritual that we all looked forward to. It wasn’t that our outdoor displays were anything to write home about, but we always felt the Christmas spirit when we installed them, usually on the coldest, snowiest day of the year.

Just like cutting the Christmas tree, placing lighting displays and Nativity scenes in their proper location brought our mood a little closer to the time of glad tidings and good cheer. In spite of harrowing fetes of bravery, standing in the loader bucket in my youth to replace bulbs in our machine shed star, or trying to weave strands of lights around our huge Colorado blue spruce tree, with my Dad at the loader controls, fond memories are repeated today with my own children as we string our lights around the farm yard.

If we can place a man on the moon and a shuttle into space, you would think we could come up with more reliable Christmas lights. All of that aside, a lot of folks have it figured out and come up with extraordinary lighting displays year after year.

This year, we’ll be sharing your photos on the Nebraska Farmer website – – as we receive them. So, don’t be shy. Show us your holiday spirit and help us share your Christmas displays with all of our readers.

Simply email your photos to editor, Don McCabe at, or myself, Curt Arens at

We’re looking forward to your photos, because we know they will put us in the holiday spirit too. Thanks in advance for helping us out.