Life Can Change In A Blink

Nor' east Thinkin'

Never put off mending personal fences. Never take life for granted. It can change in a second.

Published on: August 9, 2013

Last week, while traveling in New York's North Country, I was reminded just how quickly life can profoundly change. And, I'm not talking about winning a lottery.

A week ago, a very serious accident on a dairy farm shook every member of a widely respected family – the Porters of Porterdale Farms at Adams Center – and their surrounding community. The family, if you'll recall, graced American Agriculturist's cover in August 2011 after being named the state's 2011 Agricultural Environment Management award.

Greg Porter was run over by a cattle truck on the farm and dragged as it was backing up. He survived to undergo two surgeries to repair a broken hip, broken ribs, broken collarbone and multiple injuries.

On Wednesday, his wife, Lisa, said he suffered so much injury that "You couldn't touch him without hurting him."

So what's my point?

Life can change forever in an instant. Don't put off making amends with others because you'll never know it's too late – until it is.

And, we must hold tight to that which doesn't change. There's only one thing in this world that never changes. And, that's the compassion of our divine Creator and His ability to heal.

So at the day's end on Wednesday, a small group of men, women and youths gathered around Lisa and daughter Casey in the Fellowship of Christian Farmers International tent at Empire Farm Days, and we prayed. We prayed for Greg's speedy recovery. We prayed for the family. We prayed the person who was driving the truck. We prayed for the family's business and employees.

Sometimes, we really do need to caste our burdens to the Lord, to lighten them. When we trust in that higher power and are "called according to His purpose," we really can know that all things work together for the good – even after devastation!

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