Keep On Wading!

Nor' east Thinkin'

Thoughts on getting through life's challenges

Published on: July 30, 2011


Some days, life is a real struggle. For some, it’s a real, physical struggle – to even breathe, for instance. For others, it’s trying to recover from a disaster. For still others, it’s a battle to ward off depression due to finances, family issues or even chemical dependency.

Some get angry, which can only make matters worse. Others simply deny what’s happening. But the best attitude is: We’ll get through it.

Since Easter, my wife has been hospitalized five times for a health complication of a disease she recovered from many years ago. Our hope is that we finally “spring her” from the hospital on Monday – seven days after major surgery. So, where am I going with this?

Those who get through life in the easiest way possible avoid anger and see it as futile. Those who survive challenges best have their hopes pinned on life beyond their challenges – be it here or hereafter.

Take-to-heart lessons

  • Think things are bad? Remember, they could be much worse. You’d quickly discover how much worse your life could be if you’re unfortunate enough to spend much time in a hospital surgical floor. And yet, on those very floors you’ll find some of the most resilient, faith-filled, amazing persons you’d ever want to meet.
  • Count your “haves” – not your “have-nots”! Take stock of your blessings – the positive aspects of your life. There’s no positive future in recounting the negatives past.
  • Cultivate friendships with those who can help you be positive – not those who’ll drag you down. That’s where support groups excel, and they should be flourishing in at least one of your community’s churches. Don’t get too “hung up” on denomination.
  • Keep on wading forward. When you stop to think about your woes, you start sinking.