Joe Farmer is a Tractor Driving Action Hero

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As farm fieldwork heats up, farmers become heroes in action. Now, if only we could merchandise that.

Published on: April 16, 2012

Kids these days are fascinated by action. The biggest movies are action films. Their stars garner the largest paychecks. The most popular toys are action toys, associated with action movies. Everyone wants to be part of the action. Action sells.

Action figures in the toy world help drive more people to buy tickets to watch the action movies. It is a great merchandising strategy. Even if you aren’t “into” the entertainment scene, you have to purchase some merchandise from the most popular action movie in the world, just so your children won’t think you are entirely out of touch with all of the “cool” things going on.

"S" FOR SOIL: Joe Farmer could have his own golden logo emblazened on his cap and shirt.
"S" FOR SOIL: Joe Farmer could have his own golden logo emblazened on his cap and shirt.

Everyone knows that farmers are not really appreciated, considering we feed the world and all. I think as an occupation, family farmers are respected, at least by those who take the time, between chewing their burgers and inhaling their meals, to think about where the food actually comes from and how it gets to their tables.

Yet, farmers and farms are the grassroots of the whole food distribution system. This time of year, when farmers are active in planting and ranchers are active in caring for their young critters, producers become true action heroes in food production. Yet, the big chain grocers and the fast food joints get more credit for food than we do. But maybe we are going about this thing all wrong. Maybe we need some “stuff” to sell to promote the cause of the farmers.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could come up with an action figure, something like “Joe Farmer, Super Producer?” Now, that would sell. He could have a huge “S” for “soil” set out in bold on his farmer’s cap. He would have his golden holster hooked to his belt, complete with a fully functional, handy-dandy, multi-purpose pliers.

Yes, I can see the advertisement now, “Joe Farmer, Super Producer, Grower for the World. Able to drive big tractors for hours and hours and hours. Leaping creek banks in a single bound. Moving cows at lightning speed. Fixing fence without breaking a sweat. He is…Joe Farmer.”

Don’t forget the fine print. “Other farm related action figures like Joe’s wife, Jane; Joe’s hired man, Fred; and Joe’s banker, Bob, sold separately. Batteries not included.”

That kind of thing would really sell. I suppose we should have a movie about Joe to promote as well, something to get the whole action figure craze started.

Then, as this “Joe Farmer” fad got rolling, we could also offer “Joe Rancher,” "Joe, Elevator Manager,” and “Joe, Seed Corn Dealer.” The opportunities are endless. That would truly set the entertainment industry on its ear, or, set it back about 20 years.