It's Raining! It's Raining!

Kansas Viewpoint

Near-constant drizzle, dark skies and occasional downpours have given Wichita its first day of rain since Oct. 8

Published on: November 7, 2011
More than an inch of rain has fallen across parched south-central Kansas today in the first day of rain since we got about 3/4 of an inch on Oct. 8.

It is a welcome soaking for the winter wheat crop and the native prairie and downpours have even generated some runoff that will help the pasture ponds.

With temperatures at near-freezing overnight, there won't be much chance for anything to really get growing before the winter winds blow, but anything in the profile is better than nothing.

And it is a relief to see clouds actually produce rain that falls to earth. At least we now know that it really CAN happen. I was beginning to wonder.