Is It Spring Yet?

Prairie Gleanings

I think spring should officially begin March 1.

Published on: February 15, 2009

I'm a man who likes all four seasons.


I just don't understand folks who move to Florida, California or Texas so they can enjoy warm, sunny weather all day every day. Don't they feel a little melancholy when they breeze through December and January without one snowflake?


According to my wife, when it's summer, I'll often say I can't wait for winter. Here lately, she claims I've been eagerly anticipating summer. She says I just want what I can't have. I think I'm just looking forward to the next change in weather.


In a column I wrote last week, I referred to March as winter. While spring does not officially start until March 20, Holly Spangler let me know that most farmers would prefer to recognize all of March as spring.


I completely agree. My birthday is March 1. Not only is it the first official day of trout season, I think it's also the first unofficial day of spring. While we're at it, let's start summer with June 1, autumn with Sept. 1, and winter with Dec. 1. Things would sync up much better with harvest and Christmas.


Now if the weather would just follow along with my unofficial schedule. By the way, I'm still a little irritated about missing spring last year. In Central Illinois, we went from cold to hot in just a couple of days. If Mother Nature is listening, you owe us a long, pleasant spring.

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