Iowa Defends Renewable Fuel Standard

Iowa Farm Scene

Iowa farm and ethanol groups vow to fight EPA's proposal to reduce the required use of the corn-based fuel.

Published on: November 26, 2013

"The renewable fuel industry provides good-paying, vital jobs in communities all across our state," said Branstad. "It supports our communities and rural way of life. Many, many Iowans who live in these local communities have bought shares and invested their money in these plants." Branstad told the crowd gathered at the rally that he personally invested in Lincolnway Energy before becoming Iowa's governor for a second time.

Grassley: "We will battle this EPA proposal to reduce the Renewable Fuel Standard"

Troy Wilson, a DuPont executive, also spoke at the event. Wilson said EPA's decision to propose reducing the RFS makes it "much more difficult to commit dollars for the next generation of biofuels, such as cellulosic ethanol."

Grassley admitted it's going to be difficult to fight the American Petroleum Institute's lobbying effort against ethanol and biodiesel. The API made repealing the Renewable Fuel Standard a top priority of its lobbying efforts for 2013. Through the end of October, the oil and gas industry had spent $105 million on all of its lobbying. Grassley is hopeful, however. "We have to remember that it was U.S. farmers who stepped up to develop the biofuels industry in the years after oil embargoes and our dependence on foreign oil had put the U.S. in a stranglehold," Grassley pointed out. "We are going to battle this EPA proposal to reduce the RFS."