In front of the cameras

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America farmers create a buzz when they show up at a farm show. "Why are you here?" the media asked.

Published on: February 7, 2011

We spent our last day in Brazil at farm show.

It was a grand outdoor ag expo modeled after the Farm Progress Show.

The Illinois Soybean Association board members that I am with were met at the show by television crews, newspaper reporters and radio broadcasters.

Even in the
U.S. farmers usually don’t get this much attention.

"Why are you here?” all the reporters asked.

Ron Moore, the ISA chairman, explained that the group had traveled to the country to learn about Brazilian agriculture, to meet some of the country’s farmers and to learn if there might be ways they could work together on common trade and policy issues.

“We don’t consider you to be competitors,” he said. “We’re colleagues and we want to work together to feed the world and improve people’s lives.”

A TV reporter even interviewed me.

She asked why America farmers would want to come to Brazil when America farms were more advanced than those in Brazil.

I replied that they didn't it wasn't true.  Brazil agriculture seemed plenty progress and plenty exciting. And besides farmers like seeing falways farms and meeting other farmers. They learn best from each other.

She seemed satisified with the answer and I was happy to again be on the other side of the camera, asking questions rather than trying to answer them.