Imbedded with crop consultants

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I[m imbedded with crop consultants from ND who are in Texas to learn about what's new from BASF.

Published on: February 17, 2010

I’ve been in Texas the past couple days, imbedded with crop consultants from North Dakota, northwest Minnesota and other states who are learning about new crop protection products BASF.


The company that brought you Headline fungicide and Kixor herbicide introduced nearly 30 new products in the past 10 years and will introduce about the same number in the next four, company officials says.


It takes BASF 10-12 years to introduce a brand new compound and cost $276 million.


One things due to be introduced from BASF/Monsanto is a drought tolerant trait for corn in 2012.


Not much interest in drought tolerant corn from North Dakota or northwest Minnesota crop consultants, though. They’re talking about the need for earlier maturing corn and soybeans varieties, and more high value specialty crops such as confection sunflowers.

Most interesting thing I overhead -- a consultant said his client was looking for an alternative to corn, not because it wasn't profitable, but because he had contracted all he could and the market was no better than breakeven for rest.

Most encouraging thing I heard -- they're planting corn in south Texas this week. Spring is coming!