I Wish More Folks Had a Farmer's Work Ethic

Prairie Gleanings

What happened to this nation's work ethic?

Published on: August 17, 2010
Last weekend, we finally got our new house looking like an actual home. My son, who was diagnosed with leukemia on June 10, was finally able to come home. (For the full story, http://magissues.farmprogress.com/PRA/PF08Aug10/pra029.pdf.)

To get the house in order, I had to renovate two bathrooms. I’d wake up, work my regular job, then transform into a carpenter/plumber in the evening.

Along the way, a lot of folks told my wife they couldn’t believe I was working so hard. That surprised me a bit. I didn’t see any other option. I wanted my family home, so I did what I had to do.

Thinking about it later, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are a couple of different types of workers in this world: those that work until the job’s done and those that work until they’re tired.

I know that you all know what I’m talking about. This fall, if you work until you get tired, and then call it a day, you won’t be in business much longer.

Unfortunately, it seems our nation is transforming into a group that calls it quits once they get tired. It’s a sad state of affairs. I hope a generation comes along soon that has a solid work ethic like the veteran generation.

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