How’s that Ag Major Working Out for You?

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Published on: January 27, 2012

Years ago I switched my personal email address from
America On Line to Yahoo - ya that was a lot of years ago!

So my home page opens to Yahoo, which of course has their idea of the day’s eye-catching news story at the top of the page.  Apparently lists are a widely-read choice. Post a list of the ten least healthy breakfast juices and people flock. Frankly I am kind of a sucker for some of their list stories - like the Ten Best Towns to Retire In. I kind of lean to Bend, Oregon, myself.

Somehow I missed the Yahoo story “College Majors that Are Useless.” I must have been working that day.

The kicker draws you in: “Are you going back to school in hopes of graduating to more job opportunities? You might want to avoid these degrees.”

And guess what? The No. 1 most useless major is agriculture. Horticulture comes in No. 3 and Animal Science ranks No. 4.

The idea for the story, written by Terrance Loose was inspired by a similar list with an almost identical title (20 Most Useless Degrees - a little more ambitious) published by The Daily Beast April 28, 2011. The Beast listed Journalism as their “No. 1 most useless degree.” By the way it took me one Google search to find that. I had to search a couple of times to actually locate Loose's "Useless" story.

Well this little list has caused serious, serious uproar in the ag community. And I am sure Yahoo and Mr. Loose are all dancing in the halls. That’s what these “List” stories are intended to do. Nonetheless everyone from the ag colleges to the farm bureaus to the farm businesses to the farm publishers to the secretary of agriculture – no I frankly know if he’s weighed in yet, but I am sure he would be happy to if asked – has had a say.

As a blogger, I am thinking, man this Terrance dude talked to one source –”Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., and author of “The 10 Best College Majors for Your Personality” and found three of his top five majors. Clearly I have been working way too hard at this writing stuff. My boss would love me if I could generate this kind of traffic. Am I right Willie? And all I have to do is write what one guy put in his book.

Anyway, Loose (ironic name) did do one thing with his writing that I too strive to incorporate. He has inspired me, the reader, to action. I have switched my Home Page to MSN. I like their story choices better already. I am also looking into switching my email to a place where I don’t have to funnel through somebody’s list of buttons.

All I can say is Yahoo!