How Wild Can It Get?

Kansas Viewpoint

86-mph wind shifts, crazy temperature drop just the way it goes in this wild spring

Published on: April 3, 2011
The weather wildness can't much wilder than it got today across Kansas.

Starting out, high winds and HOT temperatures increased the fire risk over much of the state, and a wildfire that broke out in western Kansas near Satanta, forced the the evacuation of the town.

In Wichita, a 90-degree high set a record this afternoon before 45-mph winds from the southeast switched to 41-mph winds from the northwest and dropped the temperature rapidly as rain and hail pounded down with the passage of a cold front.

Highs for tomorrow are supposed to be near 50 degrees, a 40-degree drop from today.

I'm reminded of an agronomist that I talked to about the threatened Kansas wheat crop. He said the challenged crop has a chance if we don't see wild weather like 90-degree days in May.

Hmmm. 90 degrees. April 3.

Let's hope this is a blip.

Mother Nature, are you listening? We love you. But we need a little more kindness, please, and a little less power.