How Can Time Go This Fast?

Kansas Viewpoint

If you think you look up and a week has gone by, you're right on track with my observation

Published on: December 12, 2010
I was just looking up from the newspaper tonight when I realized that the last time I was sitting right here, like this, was a week ago, looking over the Sunday ads. So where did a week go?

I ask msyelf that question more and more often these days, but especially during this season when I had hoped to get so many things done and so few of them seem to be happening.

Where does the time go?

Just no-time ago, when I was a little kid, it was a long, long, time from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Now it is just a blink between the two.

It  used to be that I had to wait and wait and wait between Christmas Eve and Christmas morning and now there isn't even time to get the dishes done.


Because there is so much stuff in there. Some of it can't be avoided. It's necessary to the mechanics of the season. But some of it isn't necessary. It is possible to slow down and take time. I've decided that next weekend, even if I don't get "other stuff" done, the kids and I are going to decorate cookies in the afternoon and head over to the sleigh rides in the shopping mall after dark. No matter how cold it is. No matter what.

Just because we can. Just because they are little. And just because it will never be Christmas, 2010, again.