The Hottest Food Trends for 2014

Telling Your Story

Health is still hot, but minimally-processed foods will also gain popularity

Published on: January 2, 2014

It's fun to look at what is expected to be the trend for the New Year and see how well the predictions for last year panned out.  The 2013 food trend common themes were about smaller portions that were quick and healthy. 

Healthy foods are once again on the radar for 2014.  In no particular order, these are common trends projected for this year:

Superfoods.  These are the foods that are identified to be the go-to foods that power pack nutrition.  Recently promoted superfoods include kale, quinoa, chia, salmon, and blueberries.

Vegetables. Veggies will take the center stage on our plates this year. In particular, cauliflower is predicted to be a big vegetable in 2014.  Several sites suggested cauliflower steak.  I'm not sure that's going to catch on across the nation, but we'll see.

Free-from foods.  Foods "free-from" gluten, nuts and dairy are expected to be hot sellers.

Breakfast for dinner.  Not only eating the breakfast food in the evening, but also pairing breakfast food items with more traditional evening meal foods such as waffles and chicken or eggs on hamburgers.

Tea. Tea is expected to try to take some of coffee's spotlight in 2014.  There is an increase in fancy high teas or tea bars.   Expect new unique tea flavors and artisan teas on the menu.

Real food for fast food.  As a society, we like to eat out and for that food to be delivered to us quickly.  The fast-food industry has responded with offering fresher and healthier options. 

Home cooking, particularly pickling and baking. Food shows on TV are at an all-time high and recipes are the second most searched item on the internet. 

Clean eating. The buzzword for healthy, eating "clean" means to eat minimally processed foods, focusing on fruits and vegetables and whole grains.  Some people lump eating less meat and limiting sodium into their definition of clean eating.

Holding Steady

According to, below are the top 10 steady trends over the past five years.

Locally grown produce
Healthy kids meals
Gluten free
Sustainable seafood
New cuts of meat
Ethnic breakfasts
Non-traditional fish
Fruit and vegetable sides for kids

As farmers, it's important for us to be aware of what the food trends are expected to be.  Just for fun, take a look back at the food trends that were expected for 2013.