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Kansas Viewpoint

Forecast shows no end in sight for triple digit heat; Kansas hunkers down to endure

Published on: August 7, 2010
One thing you can say for Kansans: they know when to put on a straw hat with a wet towel underneath and hunker down to endure.

And that's exactly the mode that most of the state is in as we continue to bake in 100-plus temperatures with higher humidity than we would like thanks to the abundant rain of the early summer.

For those who planted fall crop early and are near harvest, this heat may be a yield robber but it won't be devastating. For those who double-cropped behind wheat, regardless of the moisture at the time, this is not good news.

Soybeans in particular, even the drought resistant kind, don't like triple digit heat. And corn that has not finished filling ears won't finish.

 While the drought in Russia may have been good news to those who held onto wheat, the heat in the Midwest is definitely not good news.

One more reminder that when it comes down to CONTROL, nobody better mess with Mother Nature,\.