Here Come The Fireworks! Hard To Keep Your Head Down When Looking UP

Western Ag Vignettes

Annoying booms and bangs of the 4th far cry from Revolutionary War.

Published on: July 3, 2013

I mean, outlaw fireworks and what's next? A ban on ice beer chests and lawn chairs with little pockets on the arms for your can of Coors?

It may be a matter of taking the Blockbuster finale from one's cold dead hands. The ones with three fingers missing because a one-pounder went off too quickly.

Oh well. Fireworks are a part of life, I know. But what I am really loving about the 4th is warming lake water, picnics with cherry pies, kids scrambling along the beach, the inevitable watermelon, and some of that so-bad-for-you fried chicken.

Let's not forget to fly the flag! It is a symbol of our greatness that continues to take pride in the wind despite of the growing army of detractors in our midst. I like to recall the line from the National Anthem that goes "does that star-spangled banner yet wave," as proof we're resilient and confident.

When Francis Scott Key wrote that during the War of 1812, I believe he wondered if the flag was still in place over Fort Baltimore as he watched the bombardment from a British ship. I am not sure he is talking to this generation, but – like the Constitution – the words still live, and the flag continues to make us proud.

You can burn it, refuse to pledge allegiance to it, and curse what it stands for, but it doesn't dip to any critic. The colors are strong evidence of our beliefs, and without them there would be no icon to click on to reboot the national esprit de corps.

May the red, white and blue eternally yet wave.