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A family vacation to Boston reveals the good folks at Stonyfield are anti-GMO but not anti-Herculex. Wait. What's that?

Published on: September 23, 2013

Hands down, this is the best story I've heard in a long time.

Some of our farmer friends took a vacation out east this summer and part of their trip included a jaunt through Boston. Somewhere in that city, on a lovely summer afternoon, they came across a stand set up by Stonyfield Organic and offering up free yogurt.

They thought, "Hey, free yogurt. Our kids love yogurt."

As they approached, the plot thickened. The Stonyfield folks had placards that read, "Heck No, GMO!" Or, "Heck No, We Won't GMO," depending on how you read it.

Our friends, by the by, are farmers who also happen to sell seed for a major Midwestern seed company. So she immediately started reminding her husband this is not the place, not here, don't do it, not now, these people likely just work for the agency, they're just delivering the message they were paid to deliver, get your yogurt and walk away.

But he looked down and realized he was carrying a cooler that read, "Herculex. The Better Bt." And he could not resist. So he sat it down between a couple placards and took a picture. And as he did, the Stonyfield folks gave him a big smile and what amounted to a thumbs up for so very clearly supporting them.

Because they have no idea what Herculex is. Or that it's a GMO, that happens to not be made by Monsanto.

But never mind the facts or the full story. Heck no to GMOs!

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  1. Renfield8 says:

    I love this, Holly. It reminds me of the people that don't want any artificial colors in their fish (Atlantic Salmon has natural chemicals similar to Carotene, in their Salmon feed) But some of the people that insist on no artificial coloring will have a *lot* of makeup and perfume on. A lot of people will take meats or seafood wrapped in a butcher paper from me. They will not touch it. They will take it with a hand covered by a produce bag. (I'll eat it, but I won't touch it) :0)