Heading into 'Crazy Season'

Nor' east Thinkin'

Wildlife experts and seasoned hunters often describe white-tailed deer “rutting” se...

Published on: November 17, 2008

Wildlife experts and seasoned hunters often describe white-tailed deer “rutting” season as that time when bucks go crazy. They won’t even stop short of being a fender ornament if there’s a doe, or two or three across the road.


But bucks have a lot of crazy two-legged company destined for the woods and fields. The old testosterone began rising as they hunted in Cabelas, Bass Pro and other sporting goods stores.


You don’t think all the guns sold after President-elect Obama was elected were sold for personal protection, do you? Armloads of the latest scent-free camouflage suits and boots, plus new gloves were carted out with ample ammo and maybe a new rifle and scope, along with that battery-heated cushion.


With each passing day, hunters grow increasingly restless. Many can’t stand the wait, and sneak out under the cover of darkness to “spot” bucks in the night -- illegally. The law-abiders wait for dawn to park their pickups off the roads then slip silently into the woods with one eye scouting for fresh deer tracks and the other for new tree rubs.


And most of these hunters would rather take a load of buckshot in the backside than reveal their ‘recon’ results.


For many of these crazies, Thanksgiving won’t come until they’ve bagged a buck or a doe for the freezer. And that’s what buck season is all about.