Harness the Power of Your Time

Finance First

Keep all your efforts moving in the same direction with organized thought and that time in the tractor won't be wasted

Published on: April 22, 2013

We would all agree that there is a constant battle between the important and the urgent. Our time and actions are expended based on our thought process and the decision of what is important today. Oftentimes the urgent wins out over the important. There is a way to combat this tendency. Start by deliberately controlling your thoughts in order to evaluate what should be your priority.

It's not uncommon to spend ten hours in a tractor per day in this time of the year. That can add up quickly to as many as 70 hours a week. What do you do with that time? Experts estimate that the mind, on average, may have about 2,100 thoughts per hour. Imagine what could be accomplished if most of those thoughts were focused in one direction.

The many hours you spend in the cab of the tractor could be used to find a better way to move your farm forward.
The many hours you spend in the cab of the tractor could be used to find a better way to move your farm forward.

If we are honest, we will admit that planning for the future of our farm is important. So what keeps us from taking the steps necessary to accomplish this important goal?

I heard someone say that life is more like a marathon than a sprint. When you are running a marathon, it is all about endurance – your ability to be resilient. The runner must take control of his mind when multiple thoughts are crashing in; I am too tired to go on. I could take this shortcut. If I just slow down I would still finish. I will quit this time and run another race later. In order to meet the goal, focus is everything.

Here's the challenge. Spend your time in the tractor in focused thought. If you agree that making and carrying out a plan for the future of your farm is important, then think through the details. Every area of your operation needs a plan; farm strategy, a legacy plan, growing the farm, training the next generation. Choose one area and think on the details. Determine a few steps to take to move closer to your goal in that area. Visualize who needs to be involved, and the feeling you will have once you have hit the mark.

The marathon runner puts one foot in front of the other to move toward the finish line.  The sole reason he crosses the line is that every step is taken in the same direction – pointed toward the goal. The urgency of thirst does not change his path, nor does the feeling of fatigue.

We must start the marathon of working on our farm business in the same way, one step at a time pointed in the same direction. Begin with your thoughts. Grab the reins and take control. You alone determine the horsepower.