Happy (Planting) Birthday, Baby

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A Happy Meal in the tractor? Definite perk of the April farm kid birthday.

Published on: April 19, 2011

The perils of being the third child who was also born in the middle of April? Your birthday can get a little busy. Like, between your older siblings' piano lessons, Easter program practice and AWANA, you don't get a real birthday supper. And the tractor may or may not be running non-stop.

But the consolation prize? Lunch in the tractor with Dad. And Mom. All to yourself. And a Happy Meal.

Things were definitely looking up for Miss Caroline. Check out that {new} three-year-old grin.

I should also add, Caroline was in no way deprived in the party department. We celebrated with family and cousins and cake and presents and more the Sunday before. Then she even got to have a little Hello Kitty party with her closest little friends (I can't stop saying the word "little"! They were beyond precious. And little!) And as her older siblings pointed out, they never got to have a "friend" party. Which is true. We usually stick to family parties.

Hmmm. Maybe there are some perks to being the baby of the family.

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  1. C. Williams says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Caroline. I never had a birthday party in a tractor in all my 80 plus years. What a treat!

  2. H. Spangler says:

    We ran a few days last week; these were shot on Wednesday. Now we're just watching it rain...

  3. KMcNeil says:

    Are you planting already? Or getting the tractor out just for the party?