Handling Planting Season Phone Calls

Prairie Gleanings

During planting season, the cell phone can be a double-edged sword.

Published on: April 10, 2009

With the rush of planting season just around the corner, take a tip from Quincy farmer Jerry Moss to make things a little easier.


Coordinating spring planting can get hectic. Moss says it's common for his cell phone ring constantly. His tip: don't promise return calls. Instead, ask the caller to call you back.


It will keep you from adding something to your already lengthy To Do list. Plus, you won't have to take down a name and number.


I've noticed some of you have already caught on to this tip. Believe me, it does not offend me if you ask me to call back at a later time. In fact, I'd rather have the burden of remembering to call you back. After all, I'm the one sitting in an office with a phone and pad of paper.


I'm sure your suppliers won't mind either. However, I make no claims as to whether this tip will work with your spouse. My advice there is to proceed with caution.


Anyone else have a tip for making it through planting season?


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